Our Story

Grace Family Fellowship initially began as a prayer meeting of several families in January of 2007.  On March 5, 2007 the families officially called Jeff Sanders to be the pastor.  Shortly thereafter we decided upon the name of “Grace Family Fellowship” for the church.  “Grace” because we want to remind people of the unmerited favor of God through Jesus Christ and because we desire to be gracious to others.  “Family” because we need each other; we band together to mutually support and work with one another.  “Fellowship” because we care for one another and share one another’s burdens and joys.

We began as a store-front church, but purchased our current building in 2009 and moved in January of 2010.  We not only minister to Stark County through evangelism, preaching/teaching, feeding the homeless and hungry, and supporting other ministries of like-minded faith, but we also support several foreign missions as well.